Haman Cross III

Haman Cross About Photo

With broad sweeping strokes, Haman Cross' art creates a mystical connection between the known and unknown.  Hc3 was born with the ability to express himself through visual art.  As a child, he watched his grandfathers build and create works from their garages and personal studio spaces.   He is an offspring of highly skilled and innovative woodworkers and homebuilders. Haman spent countless hours watching them build and create.

Primarily an introvert, like so many artists, Haman prefers communicating emotion, non-verbally.  Art is the extension of his internal, private world where ego, individuality, and awareness fuel his struggle to find meaning in life.  His father, Pastor Haman Cross Jr, wisely noted the connection between Haman's internal process and ability to connect with the outside world.

During Haman’s development as a youth, his father’s sermons, a source of inspiration gave him subject matter for illustrations. Literally Haman weekly would draw the narrative delivered during Sunday services. 

The connection between art and spiritual communication was directly influenced during Sunday school classes, where flannel graphs were used to tell Bible stories. Haman credits those times with the foundation for his work as a cartoonist and illustrator.

Haman's style is uniquely his own, blending urban, African American roots and experiences into the depiction of adventure and fantasy.  Yet, one can note the influence of artists he holds in high esteem: Namely, Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, Alfonse Mucha and British comic book artist, Simon Bisley.  You can find hints of Mucha’s influence in the long curvaceous lines which are intended to communicate the perceived flow of creative energy in each piece as light and darkness, chaos and order, form and purpose radiates through his chosen mediums. 

Mucha’s work found predominantly in 19th-century playbills, theatre backdrops, advertisements and stained glass identifies him as one of the most influential artist in modern art history.  As you observe Haman’s larger than life works on Plexiglas, fabric, and canvas, you see a shared style of expression in Mucha’s art. While Simon Bisley a comic book artist demonstrated to Haman how the tension between light and darkness could be illustrated with provocative style and beauty. Haman credits Bisley with showing him how a deep connection with the complex perspectives of fantasy and reality is captured and illustrated in a single artistic expression.

Haman Cross 3 describes himself as a fine art illustrator with a diverse range of abilities to use multiple mediums to make statements artistically. Hc3 creates many of his works with recycled wood, Plexiglas, canvas and other fabrics.  Some are made from wood from demolished historical buildings; old train stations and homes and are often a part of the work's narrative, making them one of a kind masterpieces.

His creations both haunt and delight you.  Every work speaks intimate messages that engage the senses and informs the soul. Haman is also a graphic designer, he can seamlessly transition into digital art creation easily translating what he can do with a pen, marker, spray paint can or brush into art created with a mouse, tablet or design application.